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How To Know Friends Who Never Like Your Posts (7 Best Tips)

If you have friends who never like your posts, even once, it’s easy to figure it out and maybe unfriend them.

The definition of friendship is meant to be as straightforward as two individuals who genuinely enjoy one another, yet this is not always the case.

For example, friends who never comment on your postings may make you wonder if they truly are your die-hards.

Therefore, you should be aware that everyone is different and that not everyone will be evident in how they support the friendship before you start unfriending them.

While a buddy should always have your back, expecting them to like every one of your posts could be too much to ask.

Sometimes they can be too busy to like your postings, or they might not be big fans of social media at all.

Whatever the case might be, it is not good to have friends who never like your posts.

The lesson is to not assume the worst if your friend never comments on your postings because there may be other factors at play.

Friends who never like your posts

Why you have Friends who never like your posts

You won’t know the cause unless you are aware of some universal traits that cause friends to dislike your posts, which could be anything.

If you lack the guts to ask, you could try doing some independent research. The following are a few reasons why have friends who never like your posts:

1. They don’t want to see your posts

On some social media platforms, when someone likes or comments on a post, the action will appear on another stream.

This notifies friends you share about your activity on the post. One issue with such a system is that some persons would rather maintain their privacy and not draw attention to themselves.

Therefore, it puts your friend in a difficult position since they must decide between being true to themselves and winning your favor by liking your post.

This indicates that your friend only disapproves of your posts because they raise privacy concerns. Maybe the friend doesn’t want their friends on either side to see the important information you posted.

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The only thing you can do in this circumstance is to respect and comprehend their choice.

2. Friends have unfollowed you

This is one of the important reason why you have friends who never like your posts but you probably didn’t notice.

When someone quits liking your postings, what does that mean? Your closest friend has stopped following you if that is the case.

If it is unintentional, you won’t need to worry; however, if it is done on purpose, your friendship is doomed.

It just signifies that the friend unintentionally pressed the unfollow button in the case of an unintended circumstance.

He or she is unaware that you are no longer friends with them on social media because they are not viewing your updates.

If a friend intentionally stops following you, they won’t see your postings and won’t be able to respond to them.

It can imply that they no longer respect your friendship and do not wish to associate with you. To find out if you made a mistake, get in touch with them.

This will enable you to understand how to restore the friendship to its pre-publication state.

3. Inactive Users

Do not mix up inactive and passive users. While inactive users decide to take a break from social media for a while to cut back on their online activity, passive users may be always online but don’t want to leave comments.

This implies that while you can see them online and that they will see your posts, they rarely respond. These users are simple to spot because they don’t respond to your or your friends’ publications.

You will overhear comments like “she doesn’t like my Instagram photographs” if you meet with other friends.

In actuality, these individuals use Facebook or Instagram to hunt up specific information before leaving the platform when they’ve had enough.

4. Irrelevant Content

There are two perspectives on this. First of all, people will not find the stuff you upload fascinating enough to see and like.

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Second, your acquaintance might not be interested in the type of stuff you post. It would be challenging to persuade your friend to like such posts, either way.

If you push your friends to like content they are not interested in, it would be like asking them to be dishonest with you.

The only solution is for things to change. Instead of doing that, you may start publishing engaging stuff if you don’t want to damage your friendship. The subject matter should be something you have in common.

5. You are spamming

Your friend might not explicitly state that the frequency at which you upload content is annoyingly excessive.

You will be able to tell if this is the issue since your friends will only like the first few postings and remain silent for the rest of the day.

This doesn’t apply to pals who never completely like your Instagram pictures, only to those who do.

Two or three updates a day are fine to let folks know how you’re doing; seven to ten posts a day are well over the top for some individuals.

6. Annoying Ads

Annoying ads are one of the reasons why you are still having friends who never like your posts, but they skip to other contents.

Social media platforms are also at conflict with one another as they compete to come up with the best marketing strategies that will attract investors.

Advertising is one of the ways social media platforms are making the most money.

Ads that appear in users’ news feeds or that flash up have been adopted by Facebook and the like.

Users may stop paying close attention to what appears in their feed when there are way too many adverts.

For instance, if your friend like shopping online, Facebook will use that information to place advertising that will direct your friend to online stores.

Your friends will get quickly distracted by this, missing or forgetting to respond to your writings.

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7. Turned off Notifications

Some people have a tendency to disable all notifications, especially if there are too many. As a result, the friend will not be notified when you upload new content.

The tab may occasionally display dozens of notifications that need to be handled. When you open them, you see that there is nothing worthwhile for you to spend your time on.

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Most times your friends skip your social media posts and you obviously feel bad.

The truth is, it always happens for one reason or the other. Your friends can’t skip your posts for nothing sake.

If you have friends who never like your posts, it is necessary to take the above steps and know which particular one is affecting your social media engagement.

In this era of technology, making money on social media has been made easy through different legitimate means with different social media platforms also paving way for creators to make money with their content.

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