How To Make A YouTube Video – Complete Beginner’s Guide

YouTube is a powerful platform. In this article, you will learn to edit videos for your YouTube channel as a beginner. 

The big viewership on YouTube is one of the finest parts of the platform. First and foremost, you must learn how to create a YouTube video.

Also you can use or promote these videos on your social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram to increase engagement and followers.Let’s pretend you’re a YouTube newbie with no prior experience and no clue about the platform. Fortunately, understanding the fundamentals is a snap.

Sometimes you miss uploading your video which you have created with so much effort, at that time you need a social media scheduling tool to help you in scheduling & uploading your video at the best time. Here are some of our best advice for newbies.

  1. Develop an Outline for Your Video

You must first master your subject matter before attempting to create your first YouTube video. Determine what you want to say and who you are speaking to before you begin.

The purpose of your video is whether or not it’s entertaining. You may be trying to persuade people by making an argument. Or maybe your goal is to shed light on a topic and impart knowledge to others.

What is it about a YouTube video that entices you to watch it? If you don’t want to quit viewing, what keeps you from closing the tab? Finding out what your favourite YouTubers are doing correctly can go a long way toward achieving your level of fame and

Each video has its own unique set of needs. If your video has a lot of text, you may want to consider writing a screenplay. Pre-recording your video gives you a chance to tighten it up before you start filming, but it takes some time. Go through it and make sure it’s relevant, succinct, and logical.

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In addition, you may want to think about writing a rough screenplay or even just a list of key ideas that you want to address in your presentation. This may be a better option if you’re used to speaking for long periods without any prompting. There is a risk of losing your audience when you don’t have an outline, so keep that in mind.

  1. Recognise Who Your Audience Is

Understanding your target audience is a critical component of being an effective YouTube video creator. You need to target your audience for your video to perform successfully. Who will view your video depends on the content you’re producing. For this reason, you should give considerable consideration to the length of your video.

The shorter the post, the better the majority of the time. When we’re perusing the internet, we tend to go from one post, article, or video to the next. YouTube success relies heavily on conciseness since attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter. As a result, in order to thrive on YouTube, your material must be unique and stand out from the crowd.

An increasing number of YouTubers are generating long-form video essays, which are often longer than the typical two- to the three-minute length of most videos. 

Even if it takes more time and effort to produce long-form content, there is an audience out there for it. An hour-long video of your weekend vacation to the beach, on the other hand, is definitely not something you’d want to post online. Most of the content on the site is under 10 minutes long, including recipes, comments, and cat videos, so you should edit it with Online Youtube Video Editor accordingly. 

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Until your channel is authenticated, you may only upload videos that are under 15 minutes long to it. 

  1. Decide on a video editor and get proficient with it.

The video and audio files you’ve prepared are now ready for upload. The next step is to use a best video editor for YouTube to bring everything together into a cohesive whole. There is a variety of Online Youtube Video editors to pick from, depending on your budget.

The most essential thing is to learn how to utilise any app you choose. Since most Online Youtube Video Editor includes instructional and advice videos, YouTube is your greatest friend in this situation.

  1. Become Familiar with Video Production Techniques

You may need to acquire certain video production skills depending on the kind of video you’re creating. This is an exception to the rule if you’re making a video that doesn’t include material that you recorded yourself, such as a response video, game review, or movie analysis. Even if the film falls into one of these categories, your presence on camera will be beneficial.

You don’t need much more than a smartphone to capture your video. You can improve the quality of your movies if you have access to a mirrorless or digital SLR camera. In low-light conditions, this is particularly true.

Don’t get bogged down in the nitty-gritty details at first. It’s fantastic to shoot in 4K, but most of the video is still viewed at 1080p or lower resolutions.

  1. Be Aware of Sound’s Importance

Creating a YouTube video is a kind of storytelling. Most of the work will be done via sound rather than film, which may surprise you. Audio is the foundation of your story, while the video is often used as a supplement. Even if you don’t strictly adhere to this guideline, it’s important to keep in mind how audio and video work together.

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You can do a lot to improve a lousy video in post-production, but you can’t fix the bad sound. That’s why it’s so critical that your audio is of the highest quality. Even if you’re satisfied with the sound quality of your recordings, it’s a good idea to invest in a good microphone.

Using the in-camera microphone while speaking straight into the camera is not recommended. Another option is a lavalier microphone, which may be attached to your clothes to record clear speech.

To record a voiceover, you can use these microphones on a PC or Mac, but a desk-mounted microphone may be more convenient for you if you’re not utilising a piece-to-camera configuration.

  1. Create, Upload, and Publish

Now that you’ve produced your masterpiece, it’s time to post it on YouTube. When it comes to building a successful YouTube channel, the most common piece of advice is to provide new videos frequently. Consistency is the key to success in any endeavour. Create a timetable that works for you based on your financial situation, skill level, and the amount of time available.


To make interesting films that can reach your audience, you need to follow the step-by-step instructions listed above. It’s critical that you devote equal time and effort to filming the high-quality video, editing, and promoting the material you post on your YouTube channel.






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