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Eleavers Review 2023: Login, Requirements & Payment

In this Eleavers review, I will give my honest review of the network, which many have described as an AdSense alternative, while others claim it is not good enough.

There are lots of means of website monetization, one of which is using display ads, and over the years, AdSense has proven to be the number one ad network, although there are other ad networks still performing better.

When it comes to display advertisements, Eleavers is one of the ad networks that has been trying to convince publishers that they are worth trying.

What is Eleavers?

Eleavers is contextual advertising network based in the United States. The ad network’s revenue is derived from CPC and CPM.

Eleavers display advertisement that is relevant to your website content and the network extend to internet marketers also.

The advertisement campaigns can be used by affiliate marketers to promote Clickbank and other affiliate products.

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How Eleavers Works

For advertisers, you must have a functional website with quality content and traffic before you apply for monetization.

Publishers are not allowed to place more than 3 ad units one a page, no use of bots, PTC sites to generate fake traffic.

Publishers are also not allowed to alter the HTML ad code.

Eleavers review

Eleavers Approval Process

Just like other ad network, Eleavers will review your site and reply you within 24 hours if you are approved or not.

Their approval process is not that hard because they have friendly requirements especially for publishers who are not professionals.

Eleavers Review: Is it legit or scam?

Eleavers is a legit ad network which offers publishers 80% revenue share.

The ad network display contextual ads and they work along with other popular networks such as Media.net.

Another good news about the network is the payment threshold is low which makes it easy to cash-out your earning faster.

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To get started as an advertiser or publisher, simply go to Eleavers website, and sign up.

Eleavers Publisher Requirements

  1. Quality and Unique content.
  2. No adult content.
  3. No software piracy, hacking and gambling content.
  4. Sites with unique traffic.


Eleavers pay publishers on a net 30 basis when they reach the minimum payment threshold of $10.

The payment methods are:

  • Payza
  • Moneybooker
  • Skrill
  • PayPal

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Pros and Cons of Eleavers Ad Network

This Eleavers review won’t be complete without adding the pros and cons so you known quite well what you are going into.

  • Publishers get 80% revenue share.
  • Display contextual ads.
  • low payout.
  • No payment delay.
  • Real-time statistics.
  • Blogspot with custom domains are accepted.
  • Same ad code can be used on any registered sites.
  • No affiliate program.
  • No support for suspended or rejected account.
  • You lose account and earnings when ad code get removed.
  • Blogspot blogs with subdomains are not allowed.
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After reading this Eleavers review to this extent, I believe you have gotten that vital information you needed to start your advertising campaign or publisher monetization.

Leverage on the affordable advertising rates provided by running a targeting advertisement to your potential customers.

Thanks for reading, kindly drop your comments and please share.


5 responses to “Eleavers Review 2023: Login, Requirements & Payment”

  1. cj Avatar

    have you recently tried eleavers in 2022? and what’s the result?

  2. Philippe Avatar

    Hi, thanks for the review. I was wondering what is the minimum traffic for joining them?

    1. Katumu Adasi Avatar

      You can apply if your site meet their requirements, they have not revealed their minimum traffic requirements

  3. Favorable Avatar

    Thank you so much for review.
    I am sorry, English is not my native language.
    I want to know what you want to mean when you say “unique traffic”

    Thanks again!

    1. Katumu Adasi Avatar

      What I meant by unique traffic is organic traffic from search engines such as Google, Bing etc.

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