Caketools Presale: What to expect from the next African Coin

In this article you will read everything you need to know about Caketools presale as the token is about to be launched.

Just a few days after the massive profit from the launch of another African project, Wakanda Inu, Caketools will be launching soon.

In recent times, African entrepreneurs in the crypto industry have pulled massive support for African projects, which has resulted in amazing profits.

What is Caketools?

CakeTools is a revolutionary cryptocurrency project which offers a wide range of services to Decentralized Finance (DeFi) investors.

Caketools is a core African project which is developed by followers of the innovations of the Distributed Ledger Technology (D.L.T)/Blockchain and cryptocurrencies made in the world.

They took time to follow the trends in the cryptocurrency industry, learning the curves and finding solutions to making the Crypto economy better for investors.

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Caketools developers aim to provide and maintain standard tools for DEX trading which will enable BSC users to 

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They aim to provide and maintain standard tools for DEX trading and enable BSC users

Caketools Presale

Caketools Overview

  • Fetch real-time data analysis
  • Get real-time market movements
  • Search and provide information about listed pairson exchanges like PancakeSwap, Apeswap and
  • BakerySwap and more
  • See liquidity levels

Caketools Review: Is Caketools Legit or scam?

Caketools is a project intended to help cryptocurrency investors to make more money by investing in the token.

Only few Decentralized Finance (DeFi) projects on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) offer advanced tools compared to Caketools.

Caketools is legit, and it is going to be another massive project which investors will gain huge profit from.

Features of Caketools

  • Trade Defi Tokens

Buy or sell Pancakeswap & Bakeryswap Tokens directly within caketools interface without leaving caketools app, search and view multiple tokens in a single screen.

  • Token Browser

View any token live chart and bookmark your best trading pairs and much more.

  • Wallet Tracker
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View wallet history, save and track wallets that interests you.

  • Whale Swap

View large transfers, liquidity moves and follow big swaps.

Token Metrics

CAKETools Token (CKT) is deployed on the Binance Smartchain with a total supply of 150,000,000 CKTs

Caketools Roadmap

Q3 2021




UI/UX Design

Q4 2021

Private Sale & Listing

Pair Browser

Whale Browser


Trending pairs display

Q1 2022

Live New Listings


Limit Order

User Profile

Subscription Tiers

Price Alerts

Q2 2022


CrossChain Support

Presale & Marketing Tools

improved Functionality

Community Feedback

New Road Map Updates.

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Conclusion: What to expect from Caketools

Wakanda Inu was a successful project which gained support from crypto gurus and African investors.

Caketools is another big thing that is about to hit the ground running.

Massive profit will be made from Caketools according to the predictions from crypto experts.

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However, before investing in any crypto, if you don’t have an idea about it, please contact an expert to walk you through.

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