AdMaven Review

AdMaven Review 2023: Login, Requirements & Payment Proof

Hey bosses, let’s discuss AdMaven review, one of the popular ad networks that you need to know more about.

AdMaven is a Push and Popunder ad network which you can rely on to make money on your website.

What is AdMaven?

AdMaven is a cutting-edge, creative, digital advertising network with over 15 years of experience.

To increase their advertisers’ return on investment, they work to increase conversion rates. On the other hand, they increase the CPM and revenue for our publisher.

They are able to do this because they have a highly skilled, ambitious workforce that works hard to improve constantly, striking the appropriate mix between high profits and a positive customer experience.

AdMaven provides advertisers with over 12 billion daily impressions through a network of thousands of international advertisers to market their brands and goods.

Our highly developed self-serve systems are available to our customers, assisting advertisers in quickly launching successful campaigns and publishers in implementing the most up-to-date solutions to monetize all of their traffic with the highest eCPM in the market.

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Features of AdMaven

1. Ad-block Bypass solution

Bypassing ad-blockers is made possible by AdMaven’s proprietary technology.

This gives publishers the means to increase their revenue from existing traffic—which is frequently diverted by ad-blockers—by 20% to 30%.

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2. Pop Up

Full-page advertisements that open in a new window or tab after a click allow publishers to improve their ad capabilities and monetize their traffic with powerful ad types.

3. Push Notifications

Users who have subscribed to updates can connect with clickable push notifications.

Even after they leave your site, they continue to work for you, allowing you to reach and monetize your traffic while they browse other websites.

4. Floating banner

The most recent monetization style from AdMaven provides sliding banner ads that behave like push notifications without requiring “opt-in.”

With a “native-like” experience for users across any platform, any browser, and any device, this website is designed for maximum user interaction.

5. Dedicated Support

Each publisher is allocated an adept and committed account manager.

This guarantees that publishers are always making the best decisions for their websites.

6. Higher CPM

AdMaven offers higher CPM rates. Hence, more revenue is generated.

They also have in-house real time bidding (RTB) technology that connects different networks.

7. Direct Account Manager

For further support, explanation, and to ensure that publishers achieve their rankings, AdMaven provides all of its publishers with a direct account manager.

AdMaven Requirements

The minimum amount of traffic required by Ad Maven is 2,500 monthly, and all publishers must submit their traffic for approval after creating an account.

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If you meet the requirements, proceed to AdMaven website to sign up.

AdMaven Review
AdMaven requirements
AdMaven payment proof

AdMaven vs Adsense

Google AdSense AdMaven
For the Top 10K, Top 100K, Top 1M, and The Entire Web, Google AdSense is in the lead.AdMaven clearly trails Google AdSense in market share, falling short in every category.
In more website categories, Google AdSense has a better usage coverage. including 20 additional categories, such as Arts & Entertainment, Games, News & Media, and Computers, Electronics & Technology.In any website category, Google AdSense has an advantage over AdMaven.
In the majority of nations, including the United States, Japan, Russia, South Korea, and 158 other nations, Google AdSense is in the lead.In no nation does AdMaven have an advantage over Google AdSense.

Benefits of Using AdMaven Ad Network

AdMaven review review won’t be completed without listing the benefits.

Below are the benefits of using AdMaven:

1. Performance:

For its publishers and advertisers, AdMaven produces outcomes that maximize return on investment for the user’s campaigns and budget.

AdMaven can significantly outperform other well-known ad networks by increasing users’ ROI by about 30%.

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2. CPA Marketing

Ad-maven has good CPA results and offers its advertisers fair conversion rates. They have a fantastic group of highly motivated and bright employees.

who works every day to advertise its tasks and increase customer revenue.

Due to these factors, it has a lot of motivation and tremendous expertise in the online advertising sector.

3. Traffic Monetization

Publishers can access a sizable platform for advertising using AdMaven. They typically provide their advertisers 500 million impressions every day.

You can start making money off of your precious traffic in just five minutes. Consequently, with a high volume and a solid roster of clients, it has established itself as a serious participant in the advertising market.

4. Fast payment

AdMaven Ad has a flexible payment plan, so publishers won’t complain. The payment is on a net 30 basis.

AdMaven vs Adsterra

AdMaven Adsterra
Publishers and advertisers seeking a marketing solution to increase ROI and reach. Advertisers seeking an ad network with a partner care software solution to help them fulfill KPIs and increase ROI

AdMaven Review: Is it legit?

AdMaven is a legit advertising network which you can rely on to make money. They offer push notifications and Popunder ad formats.

AdMaven Payment Methods

What Are The Minimum Payout Terms For Publishers? The standard payment period is net 30, which implies that you are paid at the end of each month.

  • PayPal
  • Payoneer
  • Bank wire transfer
  • Paxum
  • WebMoney
  • Epayments


You can quickly promote your deals and boost your earnings by utilizing AdMaven.

My recommendation is that it can complement Google Adsense and increase your revenue.

In order to achieve the best results, advertisers that want to market their goods globally should give the AdMaven ad network a shot.

I can assure you that you would be happy with it and ecstatic with the outcomes of AdMaven.

Thanks for reading this AdMaven review, kindly drop your comments.


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