fake bank account balance

5 best ways to know fake bank account balance (Alert, screenshot & mobile)

It is necessary to note that there are several fake bank account balances in everyday transactions, and as such, one should be vigilant.

We are all aware of how upsetting and terrible it is to have our hard-earned money stolen by scammers using fake bank account balances, alerts, and screenshots, which lead the majority of us to assume that money has been placed into our bank accounts.

It is risky to rely on alerts that the buyer will display on their smartphones or that will be given to you via SMS since they can be compromised.

In order to scam unsuspecting victims of their hard-earned money through a cash transfer by the sender, fake bank alerts have become a regular practice.

What is a fake bank account balance?

A fake bank account balance is when the real account balance has been compromised to show the fake numbers, which can be through screenshots or fake alerts.

Many people have been scammed through fake alerts, and you don’t have to be a victim.

You can’t afford to lose your hard-earned money to fraudsters through a fake bank account balance.

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fake bank account balance

Fake Bank account balance apps

  • Flash Fund App.
  • A lofty SMS app.
  • Money Prank Pro.
  • Millionaire Fake Bank Account Pro.
  • A Fake Alert Maker for Android.
Information needed to send you a fake alert

Below is the information that is required to send you a fake alert. You need to be careful who you send your personal details to because they can be used against you.

  • Your phone number 
  • Your account number 

When someone wants to send you money, the person only needs your account number. Anyone who asks for your phone number and account number before sending you money is not legit,

Steps to detect & avoid fake bank account balance

  • Activate Email Notifications

You need to link your email to your bank account to increase the security of your account so you can monitor any transactions coming in or out of your account.

You can also access your bank account statement and account balance by checking your email.

Check your email source as soon as you receive the alleged bank notice. Before you believe the sender, be sure the original alert from your financial institution isn’t attached to any other email at all.

  • Check Credit Alert
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Check to see if your “available bank balance” is included in the credit alert you received. Your available balance cannot be tempered with.

You can easily identify a fake SMS alert if your account balance does not reflect any transfer payments made by your customers or buyers.

  • Check Bank account balance

You can do this by using your bank’s USSD code or a mobile banking app, and you can also use an ATM or the internet to check your account balance. Your account balance or statement will never reflect a fake SMS alert.

  • Request Bank Statement

If you have any suspected fake bank account balance, either the sender showed you a screenshot or debit alert which looks suspicious. Reach out to your bank for a statement of account for the last few days.

Bank statement of account will never include fake alert or any illegal transactions, but it will show your real balance.

  • Be active online
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Another way to protect your account against fake transactions is to stay close to your bank by using internet banking or a mobile app that helps you keep track of your account.


With the recent cashless policy, people now do transactions online or through mobile applications, which fraudsters have taken advantage of to create fake bank account balances.

By following the guide provided in this article, then rest assured that you will fight against fake alerts.

With technology taking over and lots of app developers testing their skills, there are lots of applications for fake transactions of any kind and showing fake screenshot alerts.

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