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Best way to get Chinese Gift Card Vendors WhatsApp Number in 2023

Lots of people are online looking for Chinese gift card vendors WhatsApp Number to be able to transact successful without getting scammed.

There are many Chinese gift card sellers on the internet, but you need to be certain of who you are dealing with in order to avoid being duped.

In this regard, we are releasing the top WhatsApp numbers for Chinese gift card sellers so that you can quickly purchase and sell gift cards at any time.

With out Chinese exchangers, what good are gift cards? If you sell gift cards, you undoubtedly are aware that Chinese customers consistently offer the greatest pricing.

When it comes to trading gift cards for cash, Chinese gift card sellers consistently provide the greatest rates ever. Why? This is due to the fact that Chinese consumers are feeling more optimistic.

Chinese gift card sellers on WhatsApp are the most dependable sellers since they are very sincere about purchasing and selling gift cards, similar to Cash App Vendors.

They also provide the finest gift card exchange rate.

How To Trade Gift Card Online With Chinese Gift Card Vendors

Below are platforms and means to trade your gift cards with Chinese vendors:

1. Through Professional Gift Card Trading Platform

When trading gift cards online, some Internet users rely on platforms that are affiliated with Chinese retailers.

Like anything else, this strategy has its drawbacks. Trading on dubious platforms will likely result in you being defrauded.

This is why we recommended using specialized gift card trading platforms like Paxful or Cardtonic when trading gift cards online.

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2. Through a Certified Chinese E-commerce Platform

A website known as a “e-commerce platform” enables users to buy and sell tangible objects, services, and digital goods over the internet as opposed to at a real location.

These e-commerce platforms are now providing incredible options like the exchange of gift cards, in an effort to enhance the customer experience.

You just need to finish your registration on Tabao, one of these e-commerce sites, which you may do using an international phone number.

3. Through Chinese Gift Card Vendors On WhatsApp

The reason for writing this essay, which we will discuss further in the following paragraphs, is that this method is one of the above-mentioned solutions that is also pretty simple.

Many Chinese gift cards are now publishing their phone number online in the hopes of attracting customers who will sell their gift cards to them.

To trade with them, you don’t need to go through the time-consuming registration or verification processes; all you need to do is send them a message.

Chinese Gift Card Vendors WhatsApp Numbers

Chinese Gift Card Vendors WhatsApp Numbers

It can be challenging to obtain these China gift card retailers’ WhatsApp numbers since, if you’re not diligent, you risk being duped.

1. Great Wall Trading Company

Gift cards and Bitcoin are the main areas of expertise for Great Wall Trading Company. It has three years of experience in the field.

There have been trades involving more than 5,000 consumers. Every day, it purchases gift cards worth $1,000 to $15,000, and it has a huge base of loyal patrons.

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Integrity of the company first. giving customers preferential price feedback.

Great Wall Trading Company Exchange Rate

Below are their exchange rate:

eBay Card: $100/N42000

Google Card: $100/N44000

Steam Card: $100/N52000

Sephora Card: $100/N44000

Razer Card: $100/N52500

Vanilla Card: $100/N39000 & $500/200000

Nordstrom Card: $100/N44000

American Express Card: $100/N3779, $100/N39600 & $500/N202500

iTunes Card: $100/N46000

Macy’s Card: $100/N38000

Nike Card: $100/N43000

Great Wall Trading Company WhatsApp Number

You can easily connect with Great Wall Trading Company through: +86 183 3994 0090

Disclaimer: Any transaction you do online, it’s solely at your own risk, we are not responsible your any trasaction you do with any other website online. We are only responsible for any transaction with us (

2. Xinjin Trading Company

A startup called Xinjin focuses mostly on the exchange of gift cards, Bitcoin, and Cash App. They have operated their company for two years straight.

A lot of people swap gift cards with them, and they receive daily transactions totaling up to one million naira. They also receive a lot of business.

They are always open for business and require a lot of gift cards for long-term and high-interest purchases. They also place a high importance on their reputation.

Xinjin Trading Company Exchange Rate

Below are the exchange rate offered by Xinjin Trading Company:

Google Card: $100/N40000

Amazon Card: $100/N39000

Sephora Card: $100/N40000

Xbox Card: $100/38000

Vanilla Card: $100/N40000 (Must know the first 4 digits of the gift card)

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eBay Card: $100/N38000

Razer Gold Card: $100/N45000

Steam Card: $100/N40000

Nike Card: $100 (ask current rate)

Visa Card: (Vendor needs to know the first 4 digits of the gift card)

Vanilla Card: (Vendor needs to know the first 4 digits of the gift card)

Walmart Unregistered: (Ask vendor)

Cash App: $100/N45000

PayPal: $100/N38000 (24 hours after transaction is done)

Xinjin Trading Company WhatsApp Number

You can connect with Xinjin Trading company through: +86 198 4844 9110


Due to gift card retailers’ constant issuance of gift cards for quick capital recovery, accidents profit from the large number of issued but unused gift cards.

Additional profit from their customers’ overspending for the value of the original card, the gift card market has experienced significant growth in recent years.

It is hard to find Chinese Gift Card Vendors WhatsApp number which is the main aim of this post.

Gift card sales are further boosted by their many uses, such as presenting them as practical gifts to others and using them to purchase without carrying cash.

A research organization in the USA reported that the global gift card market size was predicted to be worth more than $600 billion two years ago and is expected to surpass $2000 billion in six years.





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