Chiji14Xchange Review

Chiji14Xchange Review 2023: CEO, Owner, Salary, Address, Scam or Legit?

In this honest Chiji14Xchange Review you find out all you need to know before using the trading platform for safety purposes.

I would not advise anybody to start trading online without doing diligence research to be sure you are not going in the wrong direction.

There are several online trading and investment platforms in Nigeria and it is not guaranteed that all are safe to invest, that is why it is advisable to read reviews before investing.

I took my time to write this Chiji14Xchange review to help you with the necessary information about the Nigerian online trading platform.

What is Chiji14Xchange?

Chiji14Xchange also known as Rocket app is a Nigerian based cryptocurrency platform which provides online trading service across Africa.

The online trading platform connects users in possession of digital currencies and gift cards to trade and receive money.

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On the Chiji14Xchange platform, users can sell their Bitcoin and gift cards such as Amazon and iTunes cards to receive payment into their bank account.

Who is the owner of Chiji14xchange?

Odum Chijioke John is the founder and CEO of Chiji14Xchange, one of the cryptocurrency platforms in Nigeria where users can sell Bitcoins and gift cards.

Chiji14Xchange also offers bills payment such as data subscription, airtime purchase, television, and electric bills 

When was Chiji14Xchange Founded?

The digital currencies trading platform was founded on Saturday, March 28, 2020, to expand the Bitcoin market in Nigeria and Africa.

The platform is open for both expert traders and newbies who want to start trading online.

Chiji14Xchange Review: Is Chiji14Xchange Legit?

The answer is YES, the platform is legit, it has been running smoothly since it was launched in March 2020.

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Users have been using the platform for reading and payment of bills without complaining.

How does Chiji14Xchange Works?

Chiji14Xchange has a user-friendly website and application which makes it easier for users to trade on the platform.

To start using Chiji14Xchange, you have to create a free account using your valid email address and personal details.

If you already have an account, you only need to login and start trading Bitcoin, gift cards, and bills payment.

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You can either use the website or the mobile application.

Why you should choose Chiji14Xchange

Below are reasons why you should trust Chiji14Xchange for your online trading and payment.

1. Value Package

They have amazing features to make your trading experience easier and better.

You will get a crypto wallet, customized bank account, Naira wallet, KYC validation, a transaction code, and much more.

2. Secure Trading

All your transactions are completely safe and secured with KYC verification and two-factor authentication, providing you with top-notch security.

3. 24/7 Support

If you are an internet marketer, you should be concerned with this aspect because any online platform with poor customer support is regarded as a scam.

Chiji14Xchange provides you with 24/7 customer support in case you have difficulty while using the platform or you want to inquire.

You can contact them through the following means:

4. An Integrated System

On the Chiji14Xchange rocket app, you can conveniently transfer funds from your Bitcoin or USDT wallet to your Naira wallet then to your registered bank account.

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They have an integrated system that makes the workflow easier for you.

How to create Chiji14Xchange Account

  1. Go to Chiji14Xchange website and sign up or install the rocket app on the Google play store for Android users, while iPhone users can download it on the iOS store.
Chiji14Xchange Review
Chiji14Xchange Instagram
  1. Fill in your name, email address, and password and submit.
Chiji14Xchange Review
Chiji14Xchange office
  1. Your account has been created successfully.
  2. KYC verification, which is to add more information about yourself.

What you can do on Chiji14Xchange

Below are the features and services on the rocket by the Chiji14Xchange app.

Trade Bitcoin

You can buy and sell Bitcoin at a good rate at your convenience using a secure process.

USDT 101

Tether (USDT) is a popular stable coin with the same value as the US dollar. It is the newest addition to the Chiji14Xchange cryptocurrency roster.

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It allows you to diversify your crypto trading all in your favor.

Easy Conversion

You can easily convert BTC to USDT or Naira and transfer to any

desired bank account and withdraw anytime you want.

Trade USDT (Tether)

USDT is available for trading on Rocket. Buy & sell, send & receive, convert to cash and withdraw to your bank account.

P2P Trading System

One of the interesting things about cryptocurrency is the P2P trade system.

The P2P trading system allows you to connect with buyers and sellers of crypto assets.

You can trade Bitcoin and USDT with interested buyers and sellers of crypto assets using the P2P trading system.

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Trade Gift Cards

You can trade gift cards anywhere in the world on the rocket by the Chiji14Xchange platform and get paid in Naira, Bitcoin, or USDT.

Bills Payment

Chiji14Xchange does not only provide cryptocurrency trading only but also provides the services of bill payment.

Bills like data subscription, electric bills, television subscription, and airtime purchase.

Chiji14xchange Affiliate Program

Rocket by Chiji14Xchange has an affiliate program that rewards users for referring other people to the platform.

The affiliate program offers up to 50% commission on the transactions made by the referred user.


After reading this Chiji14Xchange review, I believe you have found the information you need before you register on the digital currencies trading platform.

Chiji14Xchange is believed to be one of the Nigerian cryptocurrency platforms to trust with your money.

The good news is that you can also make bills payment on the platform. Bills such as airtime purchases, data subscriptions, electric, and TV subscriptions can be sorted out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Chiji14xchange WhatsApp number?

Chiji14Xchange WhatsApp number is +2348132790688 or +2349019348925.

What is Chiji14xchange Instagram handle?


Where is Chiji14xchange office located?

Chiji14Xchange office is located in Ajah Lagos, Nigeria.

What is Chiji14xchange Bitcoin rate?

1 Dollar is 0.000030 Bitcoin

Who is Chiji14xchange owner?

Odum Chijioke John





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  1. Gholdbuyer Avatar

    This people P2P are thieves

  2. Emmanuel Avatar

    Do you operate in Ghana by asking people to send money to your agents and after some minutes send them times ten of the amount sent through mobile money transactions ?

  3. Yusuf Oluwadare Avatar
    Yusuf Oluwadare

    I’ve been unable to use to access my account. I have my funds locked in. The app won’t load up and it keep saying no internet on browser log in.

    1. Katumu Adasi Avatar

      Kindly contact their support team, best regards

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