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Advantages and Disadvantages Of Using WooCommerce For Your Online Shop

WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress plugin that was launched in 2011. Since it appeared on the market, WooCommerce has changed the eCommerce business for the better.

The plugin is so popular that over 22% of the world’s best e-Commerce websites use it, and it has been downloaded more than 60 million times.

For users who use WordPress and want to open their online store, WooCommerce is the way to do it. The plugin is free, user-friendly, and will enable you to create and manage your online shop in just a few steps.

Another great thing about WooCommerce is that you don’t need any programming knowledge to use it because it’s that simple, so anyone can successfully create their shop. 

Before discussing the pros and cons of using WooCommerce, we need to emphasize that the success of your online store also depends on the hosting you choose.

Many expert reviews on the Internet can help you choose the right hosting company, such as DreamHost reviews. So make sure you check them out before making your final decision. 

Is WooCommerce the Right Choice For Your Shop?

Although it’s the most popular WordPress plugin for creating and running an online shop, WooCommerce also has disadvantages. Nevertheless, WooCommerce is ideal for small and medium-sized companies that want to create and manage their online store. Using WooCommerce, you can build many different types of shops, such as:

  • Online shops that sell physical products
  • Online shops that sell digital products
  • Shops for tickets: seminars, concerts, events, etc. 
  • Shops for online training
  • Shops for external products
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The Advantages of Using WooCommerce

Having more than 60 million users isn’t a joke and means you’re doing something right. Let’s see some advantages of WooCommerce that make this plugin so popular. 

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WooCommerce is Open Source and Free

Since it’s an open-source platform, anyone can download and use it. This makes WooCommerce excellent for beginners with limited resources and a tight budget. Also, all the plugin updates are free, and once you download WooCommerce, you can add the products you plan to sell on your WordPress dashboard.

Another important thing is that WooCommerce is customizable, so you can design your store just as you want and make your brand stand out from the crowd. 

WooCommerce is User-Friendly

Anyone who uses WordPress can install WooCommerce super easily in seconds. WooCommerce is one of the most user-friendly platforms, and it’s especially hit among beginners because it’s simple to use. You don’t need any tech knowledge to manage it, and it doesn’t take much time to learn every WooCommerce feature. Thanks to WooCommerce simplicity, you’ll have more time to focus on logistics and marketing. 

WooCommerce Provides Excellent Customer Security

Your buyers don’t have to worry about their financial and personal information when shopping from your online store because WooCommerce’s top priority is customer security. All clients’ information is safely stored, and everything is protected against cyberattacks, so privacy is guaranteed

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Payment Gateway Support

Your store can’t be successful if it can’t collect and process digital payments. Thanks to WooCommerce, you’ll get a variety of payment gateways. Almost every popular payment method is successfully integrated with WooCommerce, so your customer will get a chance to use their preferred payment method. 

The Disadvantages of Using WooCommerce

Since we discussed the advantages, it’s fair that we consider the disadvantages too. 

WooCommerce Can Be Slow When Combined With Other Big Plugins

WooCommerce is a big plugin that does all the crucial jobs for your store. Since it does all the functions, it has the potential to take a lot of space. If you try to combine WooCommerce with other big plugins, you can experience a page-load slowdown. Unfortunately, a page that loads slowly isn’t attractive for customers, so invest more money in the hosting service to prevent this from happening. 

WooCommerce Can’t Be Used With Sites That Are Not Powered by WordPress

Since WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin, you can’t use it on sites that WordPress does not power. This means that already established companies find WooCommerce difficult to use because they would have to remake their whole website first. Not being able to use WooCommerce with other sites is the biggest con for users. 

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WooCommerce Requires Premium Extensions For Bigger Business

Although WooCommerce offers countless features, many businesses with increased sales will find that they would need premium plugins to improve the work of their shop. The premium extensions, mainly offered by WooCommerce and third-party developers, will give your shops additional features such as booking services to help your business thrive. On the other hand, if your business is doing great, it won’t be hard to spend extra money to improve your shop. 

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WooCommerce Doesn’t Have a Dedicated Support Team

Although it’s the most famous WordPress plugin, you won’t get a dedicated support team. This means that WoOCommerce doesn’t have a WooCommerce tech team that will come to the rescue if you’re experiencing any issues with your online store. 

WooCommerce Lacks SEO Capabilities

WooCommerce’s layout is perfect for customers, but unfortunately, some of the back-end components of WooCommerce have a negative impact on SEO. 


The bottom line is that WooCommerce is a powerful tool that can help anyone build and maintain a successful online shop. The popular WordPress plugin enables users to sell anything they want to anyone, anywhere in the world. If you already have a WordPRess site and want to start selling online, you can’t go wrong if you choose WooCommerce. Although it has certain disadvantages, WooCommerce is the best choice for eCommerce, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. The best thing about WooCommerce is that it is free and user-friendly so that anyone can use it. 





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