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What Does CF Means On Instagram? 3 Things You Must Know

Many have been asking what does CF means on Instagram, in this post you will definitely get an answer.

If you are active on Instagram then you must have come across the CF suffix which always appears after the name.

As day breaks new things are invented especially on the internet and CF is one of them.

I have come across the CF on Instagram on different occasions and I can tell you what it means so you won’t be left out on the trend.

However in some cases, the acronyms may not mean the same thing since people post their photos and videos with the hashtag #CF.

What Does CF Means on Instagram?

The meaning of CF on Instagram in some cases is “Fan Club“. This was clearly seen in one popular band’s Instagram account.

The acronym is used because the profile is that of a group of fans of their favorite band which can be singers, writers and even athletes.

CF on Instagram does not only mean Fan Club, but sometimes you might find it with a hashtag with people’s publications and photos relating to exercise.

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In this aspect the “CF” means “CrossFit” which is mostly used by people doing exercises and fitness trainers.

You might come across such accounts of your favorite celebrities with the CF tag on it. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a fake account, but it represents the Celebrity fan club (Club de Fans).

In some cases, the Celebrity in question will follow the CF account on Instagram as a show of support which will make the account followers increase due to the Celebrity influence.

The Real Meaning of CF on Instagram?

CF means ‘Close Friends’ on Instagram which is an abbreviation used for private discussion meant for the concerned people.

This setting allows you to post to selected people which you have added as close friends.

All you need to do is set up a friends list that is meant for your close friends which can be family as well and add them to the list.

This has to do with privacy which helps control your personal posts or messages from getting into the wrong hands.

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The good news is you can add and remove people anytime you want to.

What to do with CF on Instagram

  • Messaging only close friends (CF).
  • Sharing videos and photos.
  • Watch close friends’ Instagram stories.
  • Create video notes.
  • Personalize your Instagram theme.

How to add CF (Close Friends) on Instagram

  1. Download and install Instagram if you don’t have it already.
  2. Click on the icon in the bottom right corner to view your profile.
  3. Click on your username at the top of your profile and select ‘Close Friends’.
  4. Click on ‘Get Started’ and you will be directed to your friends then choose the ones you want to add to CF.
  5. Choose your CF list and click on Create List.

What does CF mean on Facebook?

CF on Facebook simply means “Close Friends“. You can add your friends to Close Friends and decide on what to share with them.

You can message your Close Friends only when you have added them in your list. It makes it easier to reach-out to your close friends.

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What is CF meaning in Chat?

CF meaning on Instagram and Facebook varies on the purpose of the user especially when it comes to private chat.

Anyone can use the acronym preferably because private chat is mainly between the parties involved so it’s not possible to know what it means.


If you have been asking what does CF means on Instagram? Then you should get the answer after reading to this point.

CF can be used in different aspects, but the one regarded as the real meaning is ‘Close Friends’.

The feature is available both on Facebook and Instagram which makes it easier for users to add their family and friends to their Close Friends list.

Thanks for reading, please drop your comments, what do you think about CF on Instagram?

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