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How to Create Lesotho PayPal Account Free in 2023: (Open, Verify & Limit)

The Lesotho PayPal account is a solution to the problems Nigerian internet marketers face in receiving payment from overseas.

Every online marketer will need a verified PayPal account that can send and receive money in order to be able to make payments and receive money especially from international clients.

PayPal is one of the most popular and secure means of making payments online, with many popular online marketplaces using it as a payment method.

Getting a verified PayPal account in some countries is difficult as PayPal limits some features in some countries, including Nigeria.

So, in this post I will reveal to you how to create and verify your PayPal account in Nigeria. A PayPal account that will send and receive money and also withdraw money from a bank account.

Lesotho PayPal account

In this guide, I will show you how to create a Lesotho PayPal account. In Lesotho, PayPal works fine for sending and receiving money in Nigeria.

The Lesotho PayPal account works perfectly as you can use your Nigerian documents when creating the account.

If you are an affiliate marketer or intending to start affiliate marketing, then you need a verified PayPal account which you will be using to make payments and also receive payments.

Requirements for opening a Lesotho PayPal Account in Nigeria

You already know that you need a verified PayPal account as an internet marketer for your easy online transactions.

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Below are the necessary requirements for opening a Lesotho PayPal account in Nigeria.

  • Name: Your legal name (First name and surname)
  • Valid Email Address: Use to login and also used by your clients to pay you.
  • A Valid Government issued ID: Either National ID, Voters Card, International Passport, Driver License.
  • Phone Number: Nigerian phone Number
  • Your full Nigerian Address: Valid address same as the one on your Government-issued ID card.

How to create a Verified PayPal account

After getting all the requirements for opening a Lesotho PayPal account ready, next step is to proceed to creating the account.

The first step in opening a Lesotho PayPal account is to navigate to to or put the link in your browser and hit the enter key and you will see a page that looks like the one below.

Screenshot 2020 06 24 PayPal the smart choice for business

Then click on sign up at the top right corner then you will see the two options “Personal Account” and “Business Account”

You will need to choose Business Account option because that is the one that works perfectly well.

Verified PayPal account

The next page is where you will need to input your valid email address which I believe you have it before now.

If you don’t have an email address you can create a gmail account which is easier to create.

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Screenshot 2020 06 24 PayPal

Put your email address and click continue then the next page is where you enter your name, business name and phone number.

Your name must be the same as the one on your Government issued ID Card.

If you are finding it difficult with getting a business name you can use the name of your blog if you are a blogger just like I used Blogging Booth in this guide.

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When typing your phone number, click the badge and find Nigeria flag with country code +234 then select it and input your phone number.

Screenshot 2020 06 24 PayPal1
Verified PayPal account5

Enter your valid Nigerian address just like the one seen in the image above and choose your primary currency.

Verified PayPal account4

Next step is to describe your business and add your business website if there is any and click on continue to go to the next step.

Verified PayPal account2

Put your date of birth, choose Nigeria as your nationality, select the identity document you want to use either Voter’s Card, National ID, Drivers License.

Any Identity document you used then you need to enter the ID number in the space provided.

Verified PayPal account 1

Congrats you have a new Lesotho PayPal account which you will use for your online transactions.

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The next important step is to verify your email address. Another important thing is to add your card. Your linked card will be used to verify your Lesotho PayPal account.

How to verify email address

To verify your email address linked to your PayPal account, you need to login to your email inbox then locate an email from PayPal asking you to verify your account.

Kindly click on the “Confirm Email Address” button to verify your email.

You will need a UBA Africard or Wema ALAT card for your PayPal Account verification.

I personally used UBA Africard for my own PayPal Account verification and it works superbly well so I recommend that for you.

Login to your PayPal account, link your card and verify your Lesotho PayPal account.

The procedure is simple, as long as you follow the steps in this verified PayPal account guide your account will be setup successful.

Thanks for reading this Verified PayPal account/Lesotho PayPal account guide, kindly drop your comments, if you have questions or enquiries.


14 responses to “How to Create Lesotho PayPal Account Free in 2023: (Open, Verify & Limit)”

  1. Aaron Avatar

    Bro…after creating an account as stated in your guide…I need to send some of the funds I have received and PayPal is asking me to provide a valid Lesotho number which I don’t have…kindly help me.

    1. Katumu Adasi Avatar

      Hello Aaron,

      I am excited you were able to create your PayPal account successful.

      About the phone number, use your Nigerian phone number, it works.

  2. Anna Avatar

    Please how it showing +266 and it can’t be changed. I can’t send money to anyone from the paypal

    1. Katumu Adasi Avatar

      Hello Anna,

      Thanks for reading, the phone number can actually be changed, just follow the guide and you will get it done.

      You can use it to receive and send money

  3. Ebuka Emmanuel Avatar
    Ebuka Emmanuel

    After I have verified my gmail they still request I should verify my account I have tried I could not do it. What should I do in this point?

    1. Katumu Adasi Avatar

      If you have successfully created Lesotho PayPal account, you need a card to start transaction, UBA Africard works better

  4. Bamidele Olusegun Avatar
    Bamidele Olusegun

    Thanks so much for the educative guide.More power to your elbows

  5. Austine Baidoo Avatar
    Austine Baidoo

    It must be open now

  6. Ikec6 Avatar

    They are requesting for photo id and prove of address.
    How can fix these

  7. Melody Avatar

    Hi, if i open a paypal account can i línk my master card ?

    1. Katumu Adasi Avatar

      UBA Prepaid card (Africard) is what is acceptable for now

  8. Kolajo Korede Joseph Avatar
    Kolajo Korede Joseph

    Thanks for helping me to successfully open a Lesotho PayPal account

    1. Katumu Adasi Avatar

      Glad you were able to do it successfully

      1. dorothy achom Avatar
        dorothy achom

        Thank you so much for having such a caring heart, some people ask 150k for opening working accounts in uganda and you have done it for free, long live.

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