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Upwork Profile for beginners: 15 easy steps to create an account

To create an Upwork profile for beginners can be challenging due to the strict policy and requirements for accepting new members.

In this post, you will learn how to get Upwork account approval in five minutes without hassle.

Upwork creates an opportunity for clients to meet freelancers of a different kind. It doesn’t matter your service, Upwork is the best place to market your digital skill.

At the end of this post, you should be able to create an approved Upwork account successfully.

What is Upwork?

Upwork is a marketplace for freelancers where clients meet freelancers to get their job done.

It may be website development, graphic design, SEO, and so on. You showcase yourself as a freelancer and clients will give you jobs then you deliver.

As a freelancer, you need a platform where you can relate with clients, get jobs, deliver, and get paid in dollars.

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However, the challenge has always been creating an Upwork Profile for beginners. Lots of freelancers gave up because they couldn’t get their Upwork account approval.

Benefits of Using Upwork

1. Long Term Relationship

Freelancers interact with clients and hereby build long-term relationships.

To build relationships with clients, you need to deliver quality jobs and on time.

2. Long-term contracts

In Upwork, freelancers can have long-term contracts with clients.

You can get contracts that will last for months or up to a year depending on your job quality.

3. Meet people from different countries

As a freelancer on Upwork, you have the chance of meeting people all over the world. 

You interact with clients who are not in your country via messenger or Skype.

4. Bonuses

This solely depends on your work ethics. If you provide an excellent job well done, clients can offer you a bonus. The bonus is just free money for the job well done.

5. Return Clients and Referral

There is always a joy when your clients return after the last service, it means he was satisfied.

When you over-deliver, clients will come back and even refer you to other clients.

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How Upwork Works

After creating your account, build your profile, make it look professional, and follow the steps below to deliver your first job on Upwork:

  • Apply for jobs.
  • Send in proposals.
  • Get interviewed.
  • Get awarded the contract.
  • Deliver superb job.
  • Get paid.
  • Withdraw and enjoy your money.

How to optimize Upwork Profile for beginners

You need to brand your beginners Upwork account to make it look professional so you can get high-paying clients.

Below are steps to make your Upwork profile look outstanding:

1. Showcase your skills

Upwork allows you to showcase your skills, you can choose up to 10 relevant skills. This is what makes clients find you easily and it identifies your strength and specialization.

Only choose the skills you can back up with your portfolio, education, or certifications.

2. Use a Professional Profile Picture

Use a profile picture that your face is shown clearly. There should be that trust between you and your clients.

Your profile picture plays an important role in you being offered a job, dress responsibly.

3. Show your expertise in the title and overview section

Your title section should not be overlooked, it plays an important role.

Come up with an overview that grabs the attention of the clients. That’s where you introduce yourself.

Upwork Profile Overview Sample

Below is a sample of Upwork profile overview:

“My name is ….. I am a freelancer with over 3 years of professional experience, having worked with several satisfied clients.

I provide top-notch services, offering value and solution-based services for my client’s satisfaction.

You are free to get in touch with me anytime for your content which I will deliver quality service and on time.


4. Create an introduction video

A good intro video can help you stand out. Many freelancers skip this section because it is optional. 

First, be bold, write your script, write what you want to say in the video. You can use your smartphone to do the recording, upload on YouTube, get the link, and post in your Upwork profile.

5. List the best work in your portfolio

Your portfolio should include your previous jobs which serve as a guarantee to draw clients’ attention.

6. Add certifications

List the relevant certificate you have in your profile. Don’t add a certificate that is in no way related to what you are doing.

7. Add Employment History

Just like in a CV, your employment history matters because it gives your potential clients the confidence to work with you.

Only add relevant employment details.

In a case where you don’t have employment history, list your freelance business, highlight your achievement and expertise.

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 8. Educational background and other experiences

You need to add your educational background, don’t add primary and secondary school information.

Only include your higher institution, if you don’t have a university degree don’t worry. Choose a bachelor’s degree in computer science. It works for me and other people I created an Upwork account for.

If you have other experience.

Let me tell you something, don’t be intimidated by all the requirements.

This is how to get a portfolio and testimonial.

Contact your friends or anyone that needs your service, provide the service for free or discount price and use it as a portfolio then ask the person to do you a favor by providing testimony on the service.

How to Get Paid 

All payments are made securely through our licensed escrow service.

You choose the payment method that you want among the following: 

  • Wire Transfer
  • Direct Deposit / ACH
  • PayPal
  • Local Funds Transfer (LFT)
  • Payoneer
  • Skrill

When working on hourly projects, you’re eligible for Upwork Payment Protection that helps assure that an hour worked is an hour paid.

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On fixed-price contracts, pre-funded milestone payments from your clients are secure with Upwork Fixed-Price Protection.

How to Create Upwork profile for beginners

  1. Proceed to upwork.com and click on create an account.
Upwork Profile for beginners

2. You can sign up using a Google account, email, or apple account if you are using an iPhone.

Upwork Profile for beginners

3. Choose the option to WORK, not hire. As a freelancer, you want to work not hire someone.

Upwork Profile for beginners
Create Upwork account

4. Click on Continue to go to the next step. And start your application properly.

Upwork profile verification

Before you start your profile, read what is written there.

(Admission to Upwork is highly competitive)

If you put it in the trash, they will surely reject your application.

This is not a Facebook account that you set your name as Mhiz Katty Perry. Here you must be real.

Upwork profile overview sample

If you have a LinkedIn account with your complete information you can uphold or proceed to fill it out manually.

I suggest you fill it out manually because that’s what I have been doing.

Upwork Profile for beginners

5. Choose your expertise. Don’t be intimidated. It should be what you are good at doing.

Upwork Profile for beginners

6. Select your skills, up to 10 skills are needed.

Create Upwork account

7. Select the level of your experience, I like to use intermediate.

Upwork account approval

8. Add Education experience, but if you don’t have a university degree, don’t be scared. Choose computer science and bachelor’s degree, write any computer institute even the local one.

Upwork account approval

9. Showcase your work experience. Add where you worked before.

Upwork Freelancing

Your English proficiency must be fluent, even if you are not good at English.

Make money on Upwork

10. Specify your charges, it doesn’t mean this is what clients will be paying you always. You will get work with a bigger amount.

Make money on Upwork account

11. Write your title and overview. I gave you a sample overview to use.

Upwork profile picture

12. Choose a good profile picture. You can see the one I used here. I created an Upwork account for this my friend and use it as a sample for this guide.

I had to crop his picture to show only his face, not his swag.

Upwork profile sample

13. List information about your location, nothing to be scared of, it’s not a scam business.

Upwork Profile for beginners

14. Add your correct phone number, your number won’t be shared with clients.

Upwork Profile for beginners

15. Now you need to review your profile and make necessary corrections before you submit it.

Upwork Profile for beginners account

If you get to this stage, then tell yourself congratulations.

Upwork has never rejected my applications, I have created accounts for lots of my students, but I used to hear people complain of not getting approved.

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The truth is, follow every step, and make everything real. Your account will be created successfully.

Next thing is to check your mail for messages from Upwork.

Upwork account verification method

How to get clients on Upwork

To start getting clients, after creating your account you need to brand it, I highlighted the steps to brand your account above.

Add your portfolio, testimonial, and introduction video. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie.

That’s what makes clients believe that you can deliver the job. Clients want to be sure that you are a professional.

Go to your dashboard, you will see several jobs posted by clients, anyone that fits your skill then you submit your proposal.

Create Upwork account

When submitting your proposal, you will see space for a cover letter where you write about yourself and what you can do related to the job.

Project catalog

You can also create a project catalog that gives clients details of what you are doing.

You will create a project in the project section of your profile.

How to deliver jobs you don’t have an idea about

After successfully getting Upwork profile for beginners approved, and start getting jobs, you can also deliver jobs that are not your field of experience.

This is a simple hack that you will take advantage of to make money online as a freelancer.

You can get a job to design a flyer or logo.

If you are not good at designing a flier or logo.

There are several graphic designers on social media even on your friend’s list.

Contact a good designer to get the job done for you and on time then submit on Upwork to your client and get paid.

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You can charge $70 for a design and pay the designer $20. He will be happy, not all freelancers know about Upwork.


Getting an Upwork profile for beginners’ approval can be challenging and strict, making it hard for newbies to enjoy freelancing.

Upwork can pay your bills when you place your focus on it. It is a platform that has made people wealthy.

But you should know that online business is a gradual process, you need to do the right thing consistently and have patience.

Upwork freelancing is the best freelancing website you can join today, brand your profile and start getting clients.

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