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How to post pictures on Reddit free

Have you been trying to post on Reddit but find it difficult to get it done then follow this guide to learn how to post pictures on Reddit.

As a blogger you need a Reddit account. Reddit is a good community to get traffic to your blog.

Many people just signed up on Reddit but don’t know how to post pictures on Reddit which makes it hard for them to make use of the platform.

If you have an account on Reddit, there is no doubt you might want to post pictures on the platform, that is the reason I wrote this article to help you know how to post pictures on Reddit.

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a social news aggregation, web content, and discussion website.

Members who signed up can add content to the site such as links, text posts, and images, which are then voted up or down by existing members.

Can I upload pictures on Reddit?

The social platform is not for image hosting, so posting pictures directly is prohibited.

Reddit.com doesn’t have the feature of storing images, however, you will have to host your image outside, and then add the image link to your comment or text posts at Reddit. 

Image hosting service such as Imgur is recommended for Photo-Hosting on Reddit. 

The first step is to upload the picture somewhere and then link it to Reddit.

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How to Create Reddit account

Before you post a picture on Reddit you need to create your Reddit account before you get started.

In order to create an account on Reddit, there are requirements, which are your e-mail address to sign up. You can also sign up with your Facebook account.

After registration, then you’re signed in, start sharing content by clicking the “Create Post” button.

how to post pictures on reddit

Another thing is to choose which community or subreddit which you want to post your content.

Make sure you post interesting content, in order to build huge fan base.

Subreddits refers to special boards devoted to a single topic.

Always note that it is nice to enlighten yourself with Reddit.

Try to subscribe to a few subreddits and always note the type of posts that get upvoted the most.

Upvotes means “likes” in Reddit. If other users admires your post, they will give it an upvote. 

Upvotes usually push posts to the front of the subreddit making it visible more to other Reddit users.

How to post pictures on Reddit

On Reddit, you may not always have access to post an image or video to a particular subreddit.

Nevertheless, Individual subreddits have their own guidelines on what kind of content to post.

These rules showed up automatically when you select a subreddit on the “Create Post” function.

Make sure you review the subreddit guidelines before posting to avoid wasting time.

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Sometimes you have the option of creating a post, adding an image or video, or submitting a link in subreddit.

Another important thing is to note that you can’t post anything you like on subredditt

Take for example, r/AskReddit is only meant for questions and does not allow users to submit images or links.

I said earlier that Reddit doesn’t allow you to embed an image or video within your post.

However, if you have an entertaining story you will have to choose between posting the story and image, or posting the story and hosting the image on an image sharing platform like Imgur or Flickr.

How to post link on Reddit

I will show you how to post link on Reddit without being confused on the process.

If want to submit a link to a news article like politics, note that subreddits such as r/politics won’t allow you to submit articles that are older than one month because is not relevant anymore

Subreddits like r/pics don’t accept screenshots or images that include personal information, such as names or social media information.

Copy the link to the article you want to share on Reddit, it can be your blog post, insert it in the space provided.

After putting the link in the space provided, click “Submit”, and your post will be published.


Now that you’ve successfully posted something on Reddit, the next step is to make the post go viral.

This is where the real work begins because posts rarely go viral on their own. You are the one that will make it happen.

Always respond to people who comment on your post and keep the discussion going smoothly.

Your replies should be thoughtful and open-minded without negative or offensive comments, which can lead to downvote.

If a reply to a particular post receives a lot of upvotes, it is very means it is interesting.

Be sure to respond and then post again—the best Redditors use the site always.

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