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How to create a hashtag on Facebook (5 Easy Steps)

I will teach you how to create a hashtag on Facebook because it is one of the frequently used features on Facebook, meanwhile many people don’t know what is hashtag on Facebook.

Hashtag is a great way of getting engagement on your post on Facebook.

A lot of Facebook users don’t know how to create a hashtag on Facebook.

What is hashtag on Facebook?

Hashtag is a word or phrase which starts with a hash sign (#), that is used on social media to identify posts on a specific topic.

One of the ways of getting followers is using hashtags in your posts always but it is obvious that many Facebook users don’t know how to create a hashtag on Facebook.

Many influencers on social media especially Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are taking advantage of hashtags to build more followers and engagement on their posts.

Using Facebook hashtag makes it easier for people who are not even your friends on Facebook to see your post then like, comment and share.

Someone like me I enjoy using hashtags on my posts on social media because I know the power of hashtags in marketing.

Importance of hashtag on Facebook

I will reveal the importance of using hashtags on Facebook so you won’t repeat the same mistake you have been doing.

Trust me, if you know how to create a hashtag on Facebook and use it effectively, you will definitely see great results.

Below are the importance of using hashtags on Facebook:

1. Helps people find posts about topics of interest 

Hashtags help people to discover posts related to topics that you are interested in. 

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When you create posts on Facebook and make use of hashtags on it. If it is a popular phrase, offer people also create posts with the same hashtag, so when someone reads the posts and clicks on the hashtag, all the posts with the hashtag will show up.

2. Makes search easier

When you search a hashtag, it brings out results for posts that used the  hashtag. With the help of hashtag, you will reach your target audience, which will make it easier for people to find necessary information.

3. Compel action

When a social media user come across a post that is interesting, they will spend time looking at the content with the hashtag.

How to use hashtags on Facebook

Knowing quite well the power of hashtags, it is best to use it well in order to see results.

Many social media users make the mistakes of misusing hashtags on their posts thereby reducing engagements on their posts.

Hashtags convert topics and phrases into links in posts you make on your page or timeline.

There are lots of ways to make good use of hashtags on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms.

  • To create campaigns
  • To promote products and services 
  • To promote music, comedy videos, etc
  • To increase post reach and engagement 

How to create a hashtag on Facebook 

If you have read this post to this point, kudos! I will show you how to create a hashtag on Facebook right away.

  1. Write # sign along with a phrase in your post. You can put the hashtag at the beginning of the post or the ending.
What is hashtag: How to create a hashtag on Facebook
See how to create a hashtag on Facebook

2. Don’t make the mistake of adding the # sign at the beginning of a word or phrase and also add it at the end.

An example of correct hashtag is #blogging. While it is wrong to put it this way #blogging#.

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3. A hashtag should be written as a single word, with no space included. When you add space, the hashtag becomes useless.

4. Numbers can be included in a hashtag, but special characters such as $ and % won’t work properly.

5. Avoid using punctuations in your hashtag. You can make use of the search bar to search for a hashtag and you will find posts with the hashtag.


The power of hashtags can not be underestimated. Hashtag is a feature on social media that is very useful in building engagement and followers.

If you didn’t know how to create a hashtag on Facebook then after reading this post I believe you should be rocking Facebook hashtags by now.

Always take advantage of hashtags because it is obviously one of the free means of getting traffic to your social media posts.

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